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Websites I love for inspiration

This post will be continually updated as I discover more websites and blogs that I like.

Guides on local adventures and adventurers:


Guides I use for hiking and bikepacking gear & international adventures:


People to follow on Instagram for cycle touring inspiration and their relative blogs:

@oldmatesaf – ME! Pictures of adventures, Camp Mundy (our cabin in the hills) and our two dogs (Tesla and Pepper)

@cyclingkrauts (check out their beautiful videos)

@realtrailtalk (podcast updates by LifeofPy)

@jakubrybicki (loves cycling in places like Siberia)

@bicycle_touring_apocolypse (bikepacking and van travelling the world) (aussie – really cool blog about his gear)

@erikplankton (Kona bike sponsored videos that inspire me)


@dulkara.martig (hiking, biking and rock climbing NZ and Alaska)

@jessecarlsson (heard of Race to the Rock? no? look it up)

@kevinbenky (same as above)

@flexgoogly (same as above – the winner)

@jambi_jambi (this chick is so cool, does bikepacking with style)




@marinonicolas – travelled the world by bike, cool youtube videos that melt your heart


@thebikeramble – my favourite favourite. This chick is a beautiful soul








Who do you follow? Comment below!

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