4Wding Dog Adventuring Hiking

The Gibb River Road, Kimberleys, Western Australia

How many days: 3 weeks

Length: 660km + 100s of kms in side trips (driving and hiking)

Accomodation: Caravan parks, station-stays, bush camping (all require 4WD)

How to get there: I took Tesla my border collie, my tools and some camping gear and drove my 4WD 3000km (7000Km round trip) all around WA (solo) for 6 months. The big adventure was when I reached the Kimberleys and took the dirt road from Derby to Kununurra taking every side trip I could. Do not rush a trip like this – many people try and do it in 5 days. You miss all the good parts doing it like that!

Feeling: We spent 3 weeks climbing waterfalls, making friends in campsites, doing jobs on stations and getting stuck for 16 hours in the bush where no one could find us. This was an adventure of a lifetime. I only came back down to (Earth) Perth because I scored my dream job. 3 years later, I’m writing this knowing my heart seeks more adventure and am planning my next big trip.

I didn’t take many photos when I was on the Gibb because I was concentrating on making little short films. I would edit them at night in my tent in the pitch black between cooking dinner on open fires and sitting alone watching the brightest starry nights you could ever see.

Trips like this to Outback Australia aren’t for the faint hearted but if you feel yourself being drawn to adventure and a totally new perspective on the world – this is where you gotta be. It’s been 3 years and I still dream about it.

…I can’t wait to bikepack this baby…

Links to my videos are here: 

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The Trek to Manning Gorge – Saf Flatters

The Road to El Questro – Saf Flatters

Stuck – Saf Flatters


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